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ISGEE Project

ISGEE (Implementing Serious Games in Entrepreneurship Education) is an Erasmus + project. For all the details of the project, visit our website:

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What is Entrepoly?

Entrepoly is a free online game to foster the entrepreneurship mindset.

What is the aim of this site?

As Entrepoly is currently under development, this site is dedicated to testing and getting feedback.

Who is Entrepoly for?

Entrepoly is dedicated to university students and teachers.


Test the modules - Entrepoly houses


Creativity house

This house (module) fosters creative thinking with simple tasks that require smart solutions.

Casino house

This house (module) gives insight into consumer behavior and fosters risk taking.

Break even point house

This house (module) requires business thinking and fosters complex problem solving.

Start-up house

This house (module) provides opportunity for students to introduce their own start-up idea.

ISGEE Project

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